Friday, December 10, 2010


Since I just realized that I forgot to write about our Christmas tree and everything in my last post that I would just give it its own. We went and got our Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving from Jack's Creek Tree Farm. It is our tradition! I was glad that we went earlier than we did last year because we had a really good choice of trees. It only took us about 10 minutes to find the perfect tree! I was so glad because it was really cold. So once me and G-Baby decided that it was the perfect one and what we thought was the perfect size Daddy cut it down. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to get home and put it up! Well when we got home we were getting it off of the top of the Explorer and the netting got stuck on my earring somehow so I immediately paniced!! But Daddy very carefully put down his end of the tree and came to my rescue :) So then we managed to get it in the house without knocking my wreath off the front door. The when we went to stand it up there was a little was to tall!! By about a foot! I guess our measurement of the tree was not very accurate and we didn't figure in for the tree stand. I was pretty upset because there was no way that my Christmas tree was not going to have my star on the top. But Daddy assured me that he could fix it. So after some cutting and shaping it was perfect!! Also our tree is SUPER fat which is why I love it so much. But anyway... after we put up the tree we went and ate dinner with MiMi and P-Paw so we didn't get home until late so we couldn't decorate the tree. In fact we were so busy that we didn't get our tree decorated until this past Sunday... a whole week after we go it! But I must say that it looks great! We even got a special pregnancy ornament that has 2010 on it so we can always remember our "1st" Christmas with G-Baby :) Also over the weekend I got most of my decorations out and got the outside of the house decorated. And I must say that it is very pretty! It has grapevine wreaths with pretty red bows that I made on each of the windows, garland on the front porch rails with bows on the posts, a big red bow on the mailbox, our cute little light up deer in the yard and my awesome Christmas wreath on the front door. I wanted to put up icicle lights on the house but I only have 3 strands that my Nanna and Pape gave us and I haven't had any time to get anymore. So I haven't decided if we are going to go through the trouble of putting them up this year since there is only like 2 weeks until Christmas. We will just see I guess. But other than that all of our Christmas stuff is perfect!! Except there are no presents under the tree yet. I know, I know... I have only bought 1 present and I haven't even wrapped it yet. I guess I better get on the ball with things because Christmas will be here before we know it!!

I will try to remember to put some pictures of the tree and the house on here when I get a chance :)

[G-BABY: 11-16 WEEKS]

I cant believe that I am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant today! And that I will be starting my 5th month on Monday! It is crazy how fast it is going by. I went to the doctor on November 29 and G-Baby was PERFECT!! MiMi went with me because Chaz had to work and she wanted to hear the heartbeat again. So we got to see it and hear its sweet little heartbeat. I was so excited that we got to see it again! I have had an ultrasound every time I have gone to the doctor and I really hope they keep doing one every time. It is so exciting to see how much it has grown in just 4 weeks! Also my due date was changed from May 26 to May 23. Every time I have had an ultrasound the baby has been measuring 3-4 days ahead of my due date so the doctor decided to change it. The day of my doctor's appointment was also even more exciting because i felt the baby move for the first time!! It was the most amazing feeling ever!! Me and MiMi think that it likes Starbucks because I had just got done drinking a peppermint mocha when it moved. haha. I felt it move 2 times that day and I have felt it a few more times since then. It is so exciting! I cant wait until it really stars kicking and Chaz can feel it too.

My sickness has gotten much better in the past 2 weeks or so but I still have my days and certain things that make me sick. Also last time I went to the doctor I had lost another pound. So all together I have lost 14lbs. and I am still 7 lbs. less than when I got pregnant. I guess that is not really a bad thing because hopefully I wont gain to much weight since I'm almost 5 month and still less then my pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor doesn't seem concerned about it at this point so neither am I. I am getting bigger but I am still not very big, A lot of people cant even really tell that I am pregnant. But I am getting bigger and bigger everyday so hopefully soon I will look pregnant!

Yesterday was an exciting day as well! I was just pushing on my stomach a little just trying to feel the baby move and I felt something hard. When I told MiMi to feel it it was gone and then I felt it in another place! MiMi never felt it because I guess I was pushing it away when I would feel it. But later that day I felt it again! And this time Daddy, MiMi and Uncle Trey got to feel it!! I think it was a little foot because it was something small. And then a few minutes later it was gone again. It was so neat! Now I am feeling my belly all the time trying to feel something. haha.

This week there was a book sale at work so I bought about 10 books for G-Baby and me and Daddy have been reading a book or 2 to G-Baby every night! It is so much fun! I cant wait until it is actually here and we get to read to it.

We now have the nursery almost done! All we need is the changing table which P-Paw is going to make. I LOVE everything that we got! The collection is called Barn Dance. This is not a great picture and it is on the toddler bed but it has different farm animals on it and it is just PERFECT for G-Baby!!

But I must say that it looks much better with our crib :)

But that has pretty much been all that has gone on! I have my next doctors appointment on December 29 and I am getting a detailed ultrasound which I am pretty sure is a 3-D one so we are SUPER excited about that!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

[G-BABY: 6-10 WEEKS]

I cant believe that I will be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow! It is unbelievable how fast it is going by already. Well in the past 4 weeks G-Baby has been growing a lot and is about the size of a peanut now! I had a doctors appointment and ultrasound on Monday and I was so amazing to see our little baby! MiMi also went with us to see G-Baby and she was very excited to get to see G-Baby in person! G-Baby was very active during my ultrasound which was AMAZiNG! It was kicking its little legs around and moving its arms all around and even waved at us and then it looked like G-Baby was sucking its thumb. G-Baby also had a good strong heartbeat of 160bmp. It sounded like a little horse galloping around. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I cant wait to get to see G-Baby again!

G-Baby has been doing wonderful! I cant really say the same for Mommy and Daddy. G-Baby has been making me quite sick for the past 7 weeks. I have lost about 8lbs because I have been so sick. Lately it comes and goes so I am doing my very best to take care of G-Baby even though I am sick all the time. My doctor gave me a prescription for Zofran and it worked for about 2 weeks and now it doesn't help so much, but I am not as sick as I was more towards the beginning so I am dealing with it a lot better now. Daddy has had a very bad cold for almost a week now. I have been feeding him drugs to help him feel better but they seem to be only a temporary fix. If he is not better soon I am definitely going to make him go to the doctor because I cant afford for it to turn into something else and then me end up catching it.

We also celedrated our 2nd anniversary on the 18th. We had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden, it was soooo good! I cant believe that we have been married for 2 years already and are getting ready to welcome our first child into the world! I must admit our lives are pretty amazing and we are very blessed!

So that is how we are doing right now. Hopefully my sickness will go away soon since I am almost in my 2nd trimester and hopefully Daddy will get over his cold soon too. Pray for us and G-Baby that everything continues to go good! :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Its official... WE ARE HAVING A BABY! I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and I am due on May 26, 2011. We have never been more excited! We went to the doctor on Monday and got to see our little one and hear and see its heartbeat. Its heartbeat was only 100bpm but they said that when I come back in 4 weeks that it will be at full speed. It was the most amazing thing in the whole world! Also we are not finding out what it is :) its going to be a surprise! We cannot wait for it to be here but I also want to enjoy being pregnant. It is just amazing to me that there is already a little heart beating inside of me. So far I have just been very tired and had all day sickness, so I will be glad when that goes away. But other than that everything is perfect. We are so blessed to have such a little miricle on the way :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I have some exciting news to share. I got a letter in the mail on Friday saying that I have been selected to in the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society. I must say that I was pretty surprised and excited. I get to go to a new members reception to recieve my pin and my membership certificate sometime in the next few months, Im not exactly sure when it is yet. I will also get to wear society honor cords when I graduate which I was actually not planning on walking at but my Mamma informed me that I am going to walk at graduation, so I guess I am. But since my school is in Ft. Lauderdale I guess that means a mini beach vacation too! But that wont be until next spring so I still have a few more months to go. I just hope that it goes by fast becasue I am starting to get tired. But each day I am closer and closer to being done, I just hope that it all pays off one day.

That is really all that I wanted to share. We are still doing good, just trying to finish getting the new house in order. Hopefully it will all come together soon.

We hope that everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Cam wanted to be a catfish so he got in the aquarium. :)Bentely & Cam... my sweet baby boys!!
Bentley helping his Daddy drive.
Lexi (1 day old)

Lexi (1 week old)

Lexi (5 months old)


I would definitely say that it has been a long time since I last posted so I will try to catch up on what all has happened. I know I have said this a thousand times but I am going to try to do better about posting. So anyway... here we go...
In February we celebrated my 23rd birthday, I'm getting old I know. Then nothing really exciting happened from then until June. The in June we celebrated Chaz's 22nd birthday. We also went to st. George Island, FL for a week with my family. We had a lot of fun. It was nice to be able to get away for a little while even though we were very busy on our vacation... buying a house!! To make along story short, the people that we were renting our house from lost it and just kind of forgot to tell us so we were not going to have anywhere to live because right after we found out about them losing the house it sold on the courthouse steps. It was a very very stressful time for us not knowing if we were literally going to be homeless or not even though we had done nothing wrong. But it ended up working out for the better. We ended up being able to buy a house! A little about our new house... it is in Fairplay, in Morgan County and it was built in 1937. The people that we bought it from bought it and completely remodeled it. It sits on almost 2 acres of beautiful land with huge oak trees around the house. It also has a huge fireplace and the most amazing screen porch ever. We love everything about it. It is the old farm house that we have always wanted. Now if we could just get everything in order and decorated it would be even better. We are still working on getting the yard like we want it but in time it will be perfect. We also have some wonderful neighbors so that is definitely a plus. Other than that we have just been working. Chaz still goes to Alabama to work on the weekends and I don't like it. I will be sooooo glad when he is done over there so that we can spend time together on the weekends since we don't ever get to do anything since there is no time during the week. I am also still in school full time. If everything goes as planned I should be done by this time next year, if not, I will probably lose my mind. I am so tired of school its not even funny. But I just keep pushing forward hoping that it will all pay off one day. All of our children are good, furry children that is. Cam will be 3 in November and is doing good, other than he seems to think that Bentley is a different cat since he went to the vet because he was sick. He would hiss at Bentley and run and hide under the bed. But he is getting a lot better. It was so weird I don't know why he did it. Bentley is also doing good. He celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday! And he also go fixed last Friday but he did very well and doesn't seem to hate me for it. Destiny and Ellie are also good. They are currently living on the screen porch until Chaz builds then a cat house as he calls it. Macy is also doing well. She has a wonderful big new pin that Chaz built her with some help from my Daddy and my Pape. I also painter her house to match ours, it is so cute. Maddie, Noel and Harley are all doing good. And I am please to announce that we have a new addition that made her arrival on March 18. Her name is Lexi, she is Maddie's calf and Harley's half sister. She is just as pretty as her Mommy and sister. I cant wait until she is old enough to be away from her Mommy so we can bring her up here.
But I guess that is pretty much all for now. Nothing very exciting but just getting caught up.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Chaz and I have decided to go on a diet. We have been saying for a while that we were going to but we just haven't until this past Monday. We are doing a low carb diet and as of yesterday we have both lost a little more than 6 pounds! So hopefully things will keep going good for us. I think that it has been harder for me so far than it has been for Chaz. I don't know why but the first day was very hard for me. Each day is getting better and easier though. I know that we can do it. We are going to start weighing ourselves on Mondays. We cheated this week and weighed ourselves yesterday because we wanted to see if it was working but we are not going to do that anymore. We also measured ourselves so that we can see where we are losing inches as well. I cant wait until you can start to tell that we have lost weight. I want to lose at least 49 pounds but I would really like to lose 59 so we will see. I am just going to set my goal at 49 for right now and then once I get there I will set a new goal for the other 10 pounds. Chaz wants to lose about 28 pounds. I know that he can do it. But it seems more discouraging when I see how much more than him that I have to lose. But I can do it... I hope. The way I see it though is that it can only get easier from here since each day our bodies are getting more used to it. We are also going to go join the gym tomorrow. I know that I am going to go everyday so I hope that Chaz will too. It is so much easier to tackle something like this when you are not alone in it. So I am very glad that we have each others support.

Wish us luck :)